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Toy and Onesie

The Story of ilvibabee

Hi, Welcome to our Online Store.

ILVIBABEE, we understand that the happiness and comfort of your little one is your priority. Therefore, we present to you a wide range of Premium Baby clothing to support your goal of providing the utmost care at all stages of your baby’s growth.

Keeping the baby’s well-being in our mind, Our focus behind our brand was to provide high quality products that have simplistic designs but are also Organic, eco-friendly, practical and sustainable. This eliminates the presence of any harmful dyes or chemicals whatsoever. We worked hard to source the best products that we as a family use everyday and know to be efficient, affordable and of the best quality.

As a small business, we are grateful for your support and we hope you find your shopping experience with us pleasurable. We hope to keep adding more of these beautiful products to our store as we continue to grow and hope you continue to follow our journey.

The organization has been associated with prestigious International brands for the supply of textiles. ILVIBABEE, born with the inheritance of creating quality products which aim at providing love, comfort & warmth to your baby.

ILVIBABEE is not just a brand, but a medium of going extra mile to shower love and care for your little one. Being a new mom, I strongly believe that whatever your child gets, the main element that should prevail is love & care.

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